Aaron WhittenDoctor of Naturopathic Medicine - NMD


    Aaron Whitten, nutritionist and trainer for Elite Fitness, has over twenty years of experience in the industry. He has competed in over sixty bodybuilding contests and several dozen power lifting meets including international level competitions. His primary strength is in the field of nutrition which he feels is the single most important element for success in any athletic endeavor. He has helped individuals ranging from professional athletes to those needing to lose hundreds of pounds. Whatever your goals are, Aaron  can help you to achieve it with the power of precision nutrition.


    • Doctor of  Naturopathic Medicine (NMD)
    • B.A. History & Premedical Science w/ emphasis on chemistry & physics: Arizona University
    • ACSM: Personal Trainer


    Aaron has been involved in martial arts for thirty years and has been professionally ranked. He has also competed in amateur strongman events and enjoys integrating the movements into his client’s workouts. Additionally, he is an avid reader of political, religious, and medical journals. Aaron is a published author of several hundred articles, mostly on the topic of health and wellness and has plans to write a book after finishing his current degree.