I walked into Elite the second day after moving to Arizona from Chicago. I knew I needed to make some fundamental changes in my fitness levels. I met with Chris and we set up group personal training sessions 4 days a week, starting the very next Monday. One year later, I am still a member of Elite, now training 6 days a week, and will be for LIFE. The team there is awesome to work with, the equipment is first rate and plentiful, and the gym itself is clean, well-lit, and a fun place to train. If you put in the dedication and commitment, they will motivate you, support you, and challenge you. So DO IT NOW!
Tim Reich
I had been dealing with chronic back pain and instability for years. Although I had maintained an active lifestyle, it was always a struggle for me to manage with what felt like deep rooted back issues. I was being proactive and had hired a number of trainers to work with me over the years to no avail. Their programs did not work well for me as they were suited for the masses nor did they have the medical background needed to diagnose my condition/ailments. Erica changed all of that for me. She completed a comprehensive review, applied her background as a chiropractor and physical therapist to arrive at custom workout which met my needs. The workouts she created have changed my life from a physical standpoint. I now know what to do, what exercises I can do and how to properly conduct each exercise.Erica is the best trainer for me and my experience has been nothing short of remarkable. Her commitment and passion for her profession shine through and if you are willing to do the work, I am confident she will have a profound effect on your life as your reach your physical potential in a safe and productive environment.
Bill Lane
I have been training at Elite for about 5 month, and every day when I walk in the staff greets me by name and makes me feel welcome. When I mentioned I wanted some personal training, they listened to what I wanted and tailored my training to my specific needs. I was healing from a knee injury when I started and not sure how to exercise with that limitation. Since I started, I have been training with Javier to lose weight and get back in shape. Javier helped me strengthen my knee and worked with me to set both short term and longer term training goals, and as a result I lost 51 pounds in those 5 months** and achieved all the initial goals I set. He has gone the extra mile to provide training plans outside our regular sessions and provides a positive attitude and encouragement. I would recommend Javi and Elite to anyone looking to make a serious change to their health and general fitness!
Daryl Smith
I've only been coming to Elite regularly since the beginning of December, but I've loved every minute of it! Between the awesome support from my trainer, Trevor, to the great training environment I've been able to come closer to my health goal with every workout! I love that we had a gym wide 6 week challenge. I was able to really focus on my goals and I dropped 17 pounds!** Trevor has been amazing! He makes sure I'm on top of my diet in addition to all the hard work we put in the gym. The Elite family is the best! Can't wait to keep pushing forward and reaching all my goals!
Nadine Kaakoush
I love working out at Elite. The trainers here are amazing. I've been working with Javi and have noticed a big increase in my athleticism and my play on the field. They emphasize correct form and techniques so that I can be most successful in my workouts and stay healthy. Best of all they actually try and get to know you personally and want to see you succeed and reach your full potential.
Trey Bussler
I have been going to Elite for two years. From my instructor Javier I've gained a lot of valuable knowledge on fitness and nutrition and l'm happy with my results. The personnel at Elite are all very friendly and helpful.
Byron Richards
Our daughters have been training at elite since last summer, and we are immensely happy with their progress. They have been competitive athletes since a very young age and have had their fair share of trainers and workout regimens. The training they receive at Elite surpasses anything they have had ever had. It’s a balanced approach that encompasses total body strength, agility, flexibility, balanced nutrition, hydration, and injury prevention. My daughters are pushed to their limit, and THEY LOVE IT!!! Trainers are in regular communication with us regarding their progress and what lies ahead. They also genuinely care about the girls’ wellbeing outside the gym. They serve as trainers AND mentors!!! We are very fortunate to have found Elite Fitness and look forward to many years together!
Maliha Weintraub
** Elite Sport & Fitness makes no claims or warrants that these results are typical. Even if you follow the program in full, you may not obtain desired results. Actual results depend on the individual and effort exerted. You may not experience weight loss, lose fat, gain muscle or attain the results you are seeking.